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Choice of Frame Materials

GKB offers different frame materials which greatly expand your options for a new look. In fact, finding frame materials with the qualities that are most important to you could be as simple as choosing the right frame material, because each type has its own unique strengths. Frame material could be:

Shell: These frames are considerately lighter and more durable. The plastic eyeglasses frames are available in various color options. These lenses are considerately lighter and more durable than traditional glass lenses. You can use them for several years. Plastic frame always have little damage for one’s skin compare to other materials.

Metal: A frame that the eyewire is made of a metal alloy. Common materials include nickel/silver, Hi-nickel alloy, bronze, stainless steel, gold, gold plated, gold coating (commonly referred to as gold filled in which the base metal is most often nickel silver and for better quality frames, monel), copper, beryllium, titanium and sometimes aluminium. Metal spectacle frames are usually more rigid and maintain their shape better than plastic spectacle frames. However, the contacts with the skin of the nose and ears are done with plastic (or silicone) nose pads and temple covers.

Titanium: We always look for those accessories which are a perfect combination of style, comfort and durability. When we talk durability there is nothing better than Titanium. Titanium is super lightweight, super thin and super durable compared to other base metals. And the good news is now it comes in a form of eyewear. Frames made of Titanium have revolutionized the way people used to think about typical eyeglasses. It is so obvious because it is stronger than steel and two times lighter too.

Apart from that titanium is a very good choice for extra light weight frame owing to its strength and durable. From the aspect of comfort, it has also an important contribution due to its lightweight. Some time for a party or to have an ethnic look we have to put an expensive looking glass which makes it real heavy. But now titanium rescues us from that.

Another important contribution of titanium is Bendable eyeglasses. Titanium is ten times flexible than steel. Hence these bendable eyeglasses are so flexible that you can bend it or even step on it without disturbing its size or shape. This is also the reason which makes Titanium glasses, that reason it is also popular as memory-metal glasses. It is a relief for parents also because it is too easy to handle for their kids.