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Face Shape Guide

Just like shopping for the ideal attire choosing a suitable pair of glasses or sunglasses can be challenging. You need to ensure the product you choose looks best with your facial features. Purchasing online can make your buying procedure a little difficult. But you must assess things well before you make your purchase. Check the measurements and pay proper attention before you take your pick. The right pair will complement your size of face shape so think twice before you zero in on anyone. 

Determining Your Face Shape

Faces come in different shapes and angles and most will not fit perfectly into a specific shape category. Hence, when determining your face shape you can always use the guide. 

Heart Shaped Face

If your face is shaped like a heart with small neat mouth and chin with a broad forehead then select smaller styles without any decorative details on the temples.

TRY: Square or rounded styles with low set sides. You can go for styles that will balance out your jaw width. 
AVOID:   Styles that are wide at the top will not be able to balance your face shape.

Determining Your Face Shape

Usually, a round face is fairly short that comes with a wide forehead, rounded chin and full cheeks. 

TRY:   Check styles that draw attention to your upper face. Select styles with high set sides with decoration and color on the temples. 
AVOID: Round and small shapes and extremely big frames that make your face look round. 

Oval Face Shape

An oval face is usually softly rounded and well balanced. The forehead is wider than the jaw that curves gently with high cheekbones. You can be adventurous with an oval face shape as you will look in almost all styles.

TRY:   Opt for geometric and small styles.
AVOID: Styles that are uncomfortable for you to wear or you feel do not suit your face shape.

Square Face Shape

With wide jaw, deep and broad forehead and square chin you can choose to go for cat eye and oval styles that soften the jaw line.

TRY:  Round and oval frames are preferred. 
AVOID: Square and geometric frames enhance the face angles.