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  • Glass is a conventional material for offering accurate optics.
  • The glass lenses are soon becoming outdated as they tend to be heavier in comparison to plastic lens and unsafe for wearing due to breakage.
  • They have very less resistance power that will impact and has the advantage of being difficult to scratch. Thinner glass lens can be used for making high minus power eyewear. 


  • The lenses do not break very easily.
  • The lens can be tinted to the desired color.
  • They are safe lenses and can be used for all age groups.
  • They are comfortable and much lighter in comparison to glass.
  • Plastic lens are made from special resin known as Columbia Resin
  • Can be coated and made to resist scratch and enhance the transmission of light. 


  • Ideal lenses for rimless eyewear
  • Recommended for sports and children
  • The polycarbonate lens is made from special polymer.
  • Lightweight, Thin, and Breakage Resistant, UV protection
  • The material is also known as bullet-proof material and is tough in comparison to ordinary plastic.




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