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Sample prescrition for progressive lens:

Common Abbreviations and Definitions:
OD: Right eye
OS: Left eye

SPH(Sphere): ‘SPH’ specifies the strength of lens required to correct your focus-
A plus(+) to correct long-sightedness(hyperpia - difficulty focusing on close objects)
A minus(-) to correct short - sightedness(yopia - difficulty focusing on distant objects.)

CYL (Cylinder): It is an abbreviation for Astigmatism(cylinder). Please note ‘CYL’ is optional hence leave this field blank if it is not present on your prescription.

Axis: The ‘Axis’ is present only if there is a value in ‘CYL’ column on your prescription. ‘Axis’ shows where the astigmatism is in your eyes. ‘Axis’ measurement is in degrees between 0 to 180

Add (Additional): ‘Add’ is the additional correction required for reading to make progressive glasses.

PD (Pupillary Distance): ‘PD’ is the distance etween your pupils. We ned to align lens centers with pupils to make it work best. If this measurement is not present in your prescription, you can measure yourlself.