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How Do I Select the Right Frame

Buying spectacles online is easier than you think, offering you convenient, and an economical way to buy the latest fashion frames and best prescription lenses.

The tips below will ensure that you buy the perfect frame with the perfect fir that will add to your personality:

To make round face apear thinner and longer try angular narrow eyeglasses. Rectangular frames suits round face shape.

In order to make face look shorter and more balanced, always try frames that have more depth than width. decorative or contrasting arm length adds width to the face and a low bridge helps to shorten the nose.

Choose frames that are wider at bottom with light color and rimless frames so that the eyes isn’t drawn to the widest area of the face.

Opt for frames which are usually narrow and wider than they are long which will make your face lok longer and will soften andgles.

Choose frame that are wide as (or wider than ) broadest part of the face. Walnut shaped frames which are not too deep or narrow highlight oval face natural look.

Cat eyed shaped frames which are heavily accented with color and detailing on the top half part adds width and emphasizes the narrow upper third of the face.

Choose Rimless frames or oval and car eye shaped frames which will highlight eyes and soften cheekbones.