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Lens Coatings

A person wearing uncoated lenses has a lot of reflections occurring on both sides of the spectacle lens surfaces. These reflections erode the image viewed by the wearer as the amount of light reaching the eyes is reduced. This inevitably leads to blurring of the images. This visual displeasure is eliminated with Anti-reflection Coating. An anti reflection coat is an optically clear durable coating that is applied on lens surfaces so that the lenses are tough and peel resistant.

GKB Opticals offers a new range of Anti-Reflection multi-coated lenses that brings about a revolutionary change in the toughness of lenses and in clarity of vision. These are:

1. Satin™ AR Coating (Anti Reflective)

  • Satin Coating has an extremely smooth surface, easy to clean and have a long lasting durability.
  • Satin is an anti-reflection coating does not allow water to stay on the lens. Additionally, it does not allow dust particles to stay on the surface. The coating enables easy cleaning of lenses from finger prints etc.
  • You get reduced glare from back surface reflection.
  • It reduces eye strain in office environment and gives you higher visual acuity.

2.  Crizal® Coating

  • Crizal is an international brand , and it is the largest selling anti-reflective lens in the world.
  • Optimal Vision Comfort: Crizal lenses not only cut out reflections and eye fatigue, but are also virtually invisible for a much more flattering appearance.
  • Unique Water Repellence: Crizal lenses remain distortion-free as water droplets quickly slide off the surface without leaving a trace. Indeed, Crizal lenses remain the top choice of eye care professionals and their patients around the world today as they deliver best-in-the-market performance to suit your lifestyle needs.
  • Easier Lens Cleaning: Crizal lenses are always clear and spotless as fingerprints and dirt are easily removed using just a cleaning cloth.
  • Premium Scratch Resistance: Crizal lenses mean enhanced durability to withstand daily wear for enduring clarity of vision.
  • Virtually Dust-free Lenses: Crizal lenses are anti-static so dust particles are not attracted to the surface of the lenses 
  • It provides best anti reflection, scratch resistance, smudge resistance and durability to the wearer .
  • Crizal lenses are clean, clear, and glare-free so they're virtually invisible to those around you.
  • Crizal lenses mean fewer headaches and less eye fatigue caused by reflections from computer screens and daytime lights.
  • It reduces glare from headlights, taillights, and even overhead lights, so that you see more clearly.
  • Crizal coated lenses reduce glare so kids see clearly and sharply
    • On the playing field, Crizal coatings can help with fine motor skills, like hitting a baseball.
    • At school, where fluorescent lights are common, Crizal coatings will stave off eye fatigue.
    • At home or in the library, wherever computers are used, Crizal coatings can help protect your child's vision.

3. Clear SCC (Super Clean Coating)

  • Super Clean Coat is applied to to enhance the performance of your eyeglass lenses.
  • The coating include a "hydrophobic" surface layer that prevents water spots from forming and makes the lenses easier to clean.